WELCOME TO 2nd GRADE!!! (School Year 2017-2018)

Welcome to the new school year



Hi, I am Mrs. Rickard and this blog will display our experiences that take place in second grade at Pauoa Elementary School.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and is ready to learn, work hard, and have fun this year!  


I look forward to meeting all the families at Open House on Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 p.m. in Pauoa’s Cafeteria (classroom visitation to follow).


Please feel free to look around our class website in the meantime and explore the different tabs along the sides to view different pages.  Click on the blue words below to go to the linked pages –>

I will try to update this website periodically (at least once a quarter) with important information or pictures of what we’re learning in class.  Please check back occasionally for updates and new pictures.  Thank you! 🙂




*** Please RETURN ALL PAUOA LIBRARY BOOKS BEFORE EVERY TUESDAY so your child can borrow on Wednesdays when we go to the Library! ***


Happy Summer!

Have a fun and safe summer! 🙂

Please do the following with your child this summer:

  • Read Daily

  • Continue Practicing Math Facts Daily (Addition, Subtraction, Simple Multiplication, Simple Division)

  • Practicing Writing/Journaling

  • Work on the Summer Packet

  • Do i-Ready Lessons on the Computer

  • Have fun and be safe!

See you back in school next year on

Monday, August 7, 2017!


Our Garden is Growing!!!

Our Garden is GROWing! 🙂 

With Ms. Wendy‘s help from The Green House Hawaii, we are growing crops such as bok choy, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and taro.  We even harvested, cooked, and ate some of our bok choy and beans!  They were delicious and healthy!


Art Mural Using Recycled Marine Debris from the Kahuku Beach Clean-Up Field Trip

Look at this amazing art mural the students created with the help of the talented Ms. Shannon from The Green House Hawaii!  The students used the plastic marine debris that they cleaned up from the Kahuku Beach field trip last month to glue on and create this mosaic masterpiece, showcasing Hawaii’s beautiful nature.  

Let’s remember to do the 4 R’s we learned to help save the planet:

1.  REFUSE:  Say, “No thank you” to plastic if possible.  For example, instead of using single-use plastic straws, drink directly from the cup.

2.  REDUCE:  Reduce the plastic you use.

3.  REUSE:  Try to reuse single-use plastic items rather than using them only once then throwing them away.

4.  RECYCLE:  Recycle so your trash can be remade into other useful items.

Dr. Seuss Day + Pauoa’s Fitness Challenge!

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss + Pauoa’s Fitness Challenge!

The students, staff, and community had fun getting healthy and fit today by

jogging and doing the challenging obstacle course on campus.

Field Trip to Clean Up Kahuku Beach

Here are some pictures from our Beach Clean-Up Field Trip!

The bus ride to Kahuku was very loooong, but worth it.

We had fun while showing the Earth some love on Valentine’s Day!


Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!!! 🙂

  We made new year’s resolutions or goals!

What are your resolutions?

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas and

Happy Holidays!!!

Enjoy your Winter Break (December 22-January 8) with your family and friends! School starts again on Monday, January 9, 2017.  

Please remember to do the following during the break:

  • Read

  • Do i-Ready Lessons Online

  • Complete your Winter Break Packet for homework (3 Math & 5 Reading Comprehension pages)

  • Be safe and HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

Happy Veterans Day!


Happy Veterans Day!

We salute you!



Happy Halloween!


Here are some spooky and fun pictures from Spirit Week!


Monday Halloween Costumes DayHalloween Costumes
– Stuffed Animal/Toy Dayspirit-week-tuesday-stuffed-animal-toys-grade-2-room-c3

Wednesday Black and White Dayspirit-week-wednesday-black-and-white-grade-2-room-c3

Thursday Twins Dayspirit-week-thursday-twins-grade-2-room-c3

Friday Neon Colors/Backwards Dayspirit-week-friday-neon-backwards-day-grade-2-room-c3

Japanese Class – Kabocha Origami (Pumpkin Paper Folding)