Parent Update #6




– Oct. 5             End of Quarter 1

– Oct. 8-12        Fall Break

ATTENDANCE REMINDERS – We are working to reduce our students’ chronic absenteeism (Ten or more absences per school year). Please do your best to schedule off campus appointments during non school hours. Trips should be taken during school holidays rather than on school days. Numerous studies show a direct correlation between consistent attendance and academic achievement.

Every quarter, Pauoa Elementary honors students with perfect attendance.

If your child will be absent, please call the school office at 587-4500 by 8:30 am. Students arriving on campus after 8:00 am must come to the office for a tardy slip. We ask parents to support the school by reinforcing consistent attendance and punctuality.


STUDENT PLANNERS Planners have been issued to all Gr. 1-5 students to record assignments. The planner also helps to maintain communication between teachers and parents.  Many teachers require a parent signature to acknowledge awareness of their child’s assignments and upcoming deadlines. To prevent students from forging their parent’s signature, we ask that parents use a pen to sign their name rather than just their initials.



  • Pauoa Safety Week – Throughout this week, the school will be practicing several drills including a lock down, shelter-in-place, off-campus evacuation, earthquake, and fire drill. Many of these drills will be repeated throughout the school year to familiarize staff and students with safety procedures.
  • Stranger Danger – Caution your child to never talk to a stranger or take an item from a stranger. Children should not walk alone and never get into a stranger’s vehicle. Read more about Stranger Danger precautions: STRANGER DANGER TIPS
  • No Peanut/Tree Nut products – With Halloween right around the corner, we would like to remind parents to not allow their child to bring candies, snacks, or lunch that contains peanuts or nut products. Pauoa has several students who suffer from severe allergic reactions to nuts, and we all need to work together to prevent preventable allergy emergencies.


LOST AND FOUND – A number of lost items, such as jackets and water bottles, are in the Lost and Found bin in the office. Writing your child’s name on all personal items can prevent belongings from ending up in the bin.


WORDS TO PONDER – “Life begins when you say Yes to experiences.”

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