Parent Update – 12-3-8

12/3-7 Book Fair in the library. Library closed
12/4 Gr. 5 Middle school orientation at Kawananakoa
12/6 Kindergarten: Fire Department visit 10-11:30 am
12/7 Kawananakoa Orchestra assembly preK-5 9:45-10:15 am in the cafe
12/14 Gr. 3 F/T Hawaii Plantation Village 8:30-12:30 pm
12/19 Gr. K F/T to State Library and Honolulu Hale 8:30-11:30 am
12/21 Winter Program 9-9:45 am in the café

School Safety: Please drive with aloha in and around Pauoa and use the crosswalk to get to the other side. We have had several calls from our neighbors regarding speeding and unsafe driving. On 11/27/18, we had an incident where a pedestrian was hit by a car. Luckily, no one was injured. Again, please drive with aloha and always use the crosswalk to get to the other side. Together, let’s make Pauoa Valley a safe place to be.

After school Tutoring and enrichment program –After school tutoring and enrichment program has resumed as of Tuesday, November 13. Please remind your child to attend on their scheduled day(s). Thank you.

November 28 National Blue Ribbon Celebration—Thank to those who were in attendance. We were all treated to a spectacular program put on by our students. We were graced in presence with dignitaries such as Senator Luke and Kidani, Councilwoman Fukunaga, Superintendent Kishimoto, CAS Dilwith, CAS Silberstein, many school partners and faculty alumni’s. View the celebration on our website: Pauoa Elementary School#14BA821. Scroll down below this month’s lunch menu.

DECEMBER 14TH OHANA MOVIE NIGHT—Our next Ohana Night will be Dec. 14th. We will be having a movie night and winter turkey and ham dinner giveaway. We also have a family activity on building your “Drive in Movie Car” for the event. A flyer went home to explain the activity. Anyone who completes the activity will have a front row seat to watch Incredibles 2. Please turn in your RSVP ASAP. See all there.

Make Your Own ‘Drive In Movie’ Car Contest!
The front row on the Great Lawn will be reserved for participants in this contest. Participants must register their car at 5:30pm on Movie Night.
Parade of contestants will begin at 5:45pm and participants may watch the movie in their car.

Instructions: With your family members, construct a car using primarily recycled material (i.e.: cardboard boxes) to hold one, two or your entire family. This is a family activity so get everyone involved in your planning, constructing and designing of your “drive in movie car”.
• How will you design your doors? Will they open?
• How will you get into your car?
• Will there be a roof to protect you?
• Will you attach wheels or draw them?
• Steering wheel?
• Dashboard?
• Seats?
• Lights?
Be creative and have fun with it. This is what family time is all about…

SCIENCE FAIR FEBRUARY 2019 – Looking for students, individuals or small groups, to create and present a science project. This is your opportunity to display your knowledge and represent Pauoa Elementary in the Honolulu District Science Fair in February. An informational meeting will be held on Friday, October 26 in the Library during first recess for students in Grades 3-5.

WORDS TO PONDER – A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love. ~ Saint Basil

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Believe to Achieve! Stand Up! Be Heard! Let’s excel now!
Principal Arakaki

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